We are a community of missionaries that exists to support and encourage each other as we live out our calling in Taiwan. 



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TMF offers opportunities for cooperation in helping solve common problems, encourages projects (such as education of missionaries’ children, Christian literature, and inter-mission prayer meetings),  sponsors an annual missionary conference and other joint conferences, retreats and meetings, and sponsors the cooperative care-giving ministry of the Center for Counseling and Growth.

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Recognizing the common faith, purpose, and interests that link us together as laborers for God in Taiwan, we feel it is fitting to express our unity through an organized fellowship.


Memories of TMF

 by Paul Buttrey


I remember as a young boy I was fascinated by my father's life. What experiences had he gone through? How did he meet the challenges of his generation? What was his life like when he was a boy? What about his progress as a young man? How did he become the kind of person I knew? Some hot summers I sneaked down the back stairs of our house and secretly made my way behind the furnace in the far corner of our cool basement. A dusty, dark, and mysterious trunk sat there, periodically inviting my curiosity. I could only push open the heavy lid of my father's army trunk with great difficulty, producing a nervous creak. Inside I discovered treasures which he had gathered when serving with the United States army in New Caledonia during World War II—pictures, mementos, and especially interesting for a young boy, his army pistol and a bag of bullets! I once had the courage to put six bullets into the revolving bullet chamber. But, alas, I never had enough courage to fire the pistol when it was loaded. I suppose that my fascination with my father's past arose because I felt that I somehow understood myself a little better by looking at the things he had looked at and touching the things he had touched. 


Below is Information regarding making payment for Membership Dues, Conference Fee, or other TMF related services. 

1. ATM Transfer

  • Bank code: 700 (If transferring from an Oversea Bank, please use this Bank Code: 7000021)

  • Account Name: 0021550-0210384 (Please note that this is the only number for the ATM Transfer. DO NOT use 21517317 for the ATM Transfer) 

  • Please send us the Transfer Date and Bank Name so we can track your payment.


2. Postal Giro Account Transfer

  • Account Name: 社團法人台灣省基督教傳教士協會

  • Account Number: 21517317 (Please be sure to include your English name at the Notes section.) 

3. Paying by Check (NTD Check Only)

Checks may be sent to the following mailing address: P.O. Box 55-123,  Taichung 404955.


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