Dear brothers and sisters, 

TMF conference runs from the evening of 23rd July to the evening of 27th.
Attendees (mostly missionaries serving in Taiwan) look forward to being spiritually encouraged … they also look forward to their children being able to have a program for their age group in ENGLISH. 
This year we have not been able to find an overseas team to minister to the children and teenagers despite looking since July last year. 
* Do you love Jesus and love children? Could you give a gift to these missionary parents and their children? Have you got a group of young people (could be Taiwanese as long as they speak English) who you could disciple as they serve in this way? Like a ‘short-term team’ but in serving cross-culturally in Taiwan! 
We need: 

a) A coordinator (or 2) who can lead a team of about 8 people to work with the preschool (usually 15-20) and elementary age children (usually 40-45 children).

The coordinator would prepare the program 
  • the adults are looking at the Moses and that might also be suitable for this age group - lots of good stories there. 
  • a ‘vacation Bible school’ kind of program with Bible stories, craft, games, singing … 
b) 8 team members - any age from about 15 and older - need to speak English although there may be some children who prefer Chinese. 

Alicia Edwards is asking at several Taichung churches and also as she sees Morrison graduates returning to Taiwan for the summer. 

plenty of space is available as the conference is held at Morrison Academy in Taichung. Money is available for supplies … 


  • Monday to Friday evening - 7 pm - 8:45 pm (1 hour 45 minutes each evening)
  • Tuesday to Friday mornings - 8:30 am -12 midday   (3 1/2 hours on each of four mornings)
There are no afternoon sessions. 

Christine Dillon
(TMF coordinator)  I am going on holidays from 11-20th and would love the relief of knowing that someone is coordinating this. 
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